Saturday, December 15, 2018
Violet Township Means BUSINESS!

Violet Township is the center of opportunity in the 33 Corridor region where businesses and families thrive. Violet Township has invested in an  an environment that supports business development while enhancing its quality of life. Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and the major starting block for fostering successful partnerships. Economic development plans have positioned Violet Township for the future. For these reasons and many more, Violet Township is the right choice for your business opportunity.

Violet Township is located in the southeast corner of the Central Ohio Metro Outerbelt area. Intersected by Interstate 70 and US Route 33. Two major railroads traverse the township, and Port Columbus and Rickenbacker International Airport are minutes away. The township is part of a metropolitan area of more than one million people with a strong Midwestern work ethic. This allows employers to draw from a large talent pool and provides direct transportation connections for goods and services.

Affordable land costs and lease rates, lower construction, building & utility rates, along with strong incentive programs as well as large blocks of developable property, all provide Violet Township with opportunities unseen throughout the rest of the area. Established and well executed Cooperative Economic Development Agreements provide special incentives that may not be available in other locations.

Two of the largest universities in Ohio—The Ohio State University and Ohio University Lancaster and —are close by and The Ohio University Pickerington Branch is located inside the township. Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools have two nearby campuses. The largest school district in Fairfield County is located within Violet Township. With more than 10,000 students enrolled in the Pickerington Local School District, it is the largest school district located inside Fairfield County.  With a regional population of more than one million, you will find a strong, diverse and highly educated workforce to recruit.

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