Tuesday, June 19, 2018

DISCLAIMER: The following contains projects currently advertised by the Township office under bidding and contracting laws, policies and procedures. 


Sealed bids for the Violet Township, Mamie Drive Culvert Replacement project will be received at the Violet Township Office located at 12970 Rustic Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147 until 10:00 AM local time, June 21, 2018, and then at 10:01 AM local time, June 21, 2018 at said office opened and read aloud. All questions concerning the project can be emailed to engineer@violet.oh.us or by phone 614-575-5556.

Plans, specifications, and bid forms may be secured electronically from Violet Township at no charge.  Prospective bidders may secure the plans, specifications and bid forms by emailing engineer@violet.oh.us with the subject line “Violet Township – Mamie Drive Culvert Replacement”.  Each bidder should include their company name, address and contact information in the body of the email.  Alternately, bidders may call (614) 575-5556 and ask to speak with Greg Butcher.

Each bidder is required to furnish with its proposal, a Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond in accordance with Section 153.54 of the Ohio Revised Code.  Bid security furnished in Bond form, shall be issued by a Surety Company or Corporation licensed in the State of Ohio to provide said surety.

Each Proposal must contain the full name of the party or parties submitting the proposal and all persons interested therein.  Each bidder must submit evidence of its experiences on projects of similar size and complexity.  The owner intends and requires that this project be substantially completed no later than October 15, 2018. Once construction commences the contractor is required to continue construction until the project is substantially complete.

All contractors and subcontractors involved with the project will, to the extent practicable use Ohio Products, materials, services, and labor in the implementation of their project.  Additionally, contractor compliance with the equal employment opportunity requirements of Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 123, the Governor’s Executive Order of 1972, and Governor’s Executive Order 84-9 shall be required.  

Bidders must comply with the prevailing wage rates on Public Improvements in Fairfield County and Violet Township as determined by the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services, Wage and Hour Division, (614) 644-2239.

The work shall be governed by ODOT Specifications, latest edition. 

Domestic steel use requirements as specified in section 153.011 of the Ohio Revised Code apply to this project. Copies of section 153.011 of the Revised Code can be obtained from any of the offices of the department of administrative services.

This project consists of the removal and replacement of a deficient culvert. Phase construction will be required to maintain traffic; full depth pavement is included. 

Bids shall be sealed and marked as “Bid Enclosed” “Mamie Drive Culvert Replacement” and mailed or delivered to:

Violet Township, 12970 Rustic Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147

Attention of bidders is called to all of the requirements contained in this bid packet, various insurance requirements, various equal opportunity provisions, and the requirement for a performance bond for 100 percent (100%) of the contract price.

No bidder may withdraw his bid within sixty (60) days after the actual date of the opening thereof.  The Violet Township Board of Trustees reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids.

The Engineers Estimate for this project is: $169,575.00

Advertisement Dates:  May 29, 2018; June 5, 2018

Bid documents are no charge and available electronically from  engineer@violet.oh.us.  A telephone call requesting the documents is acceptable, however an electronic request via email is preferred.

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