violet-recycles-with-text copyThere are plenty of opportunities to go green in Violet Township. Preserving the integrity of the environment is important, so that residents will continue to enjoy the regions' natural beauty.

Local Waste Services, Ltd.  serves the residents of the unincorporated areas of Violet Township. Local Waste directly bills township residents. Upon move-in, you will need to contact Local Waste Services, Ltd. to set up service. Click on their Service Request button, or call them at 614-409-9375.

Click HERE for a full brochure of trash services and information for Local Waste


We partner with Fairfield County with a variety of recycling opportunities, and offer many tips on ways to reduce waste. We are fortunate to have a plentiful supply of high quality water. However, water is a finite resource, making water conservation important. For guidelines on outdoor burning and fire pits, our fire department should be your first call to talk about restrictions and guidelines

Paint and motor oil disposal - Please spread the word that once paint is solidified, it is no longer harmful to the environment! When paint is hardened it can be placed in your normal trash disposal. Only when it is liquid does it pose a threat of contaminating soil and ground water. Paint can be hardened, and then disposed with regular trash. Products like sand, kitty litter, sawdust, or even a commercially available paint hardener can be used to speed up the process. Please remember that you can recycle motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries year-round. Information on recycling opportunities and locations is available at For more information please contact the Recycling and Litter Prevention Office at 740-681-4423.

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