Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Depends on You

Every person who lives or works in the Violet Township area shares responsibility for minimizing the impact of disaster on our community.

Disasters such as tornados, floods, storms, fire, winds, snow, ice, chemical releases, and yes, even earthquakes can strike at any time, most times without warning. All disasters have the potential to cause disruption, damage property, and take lives. Knowing what to do and being prepared can help you and your loved ones keep safe and get through a disaster.

Many disasters will affect essential services and possibly disrupt your ability to travel or communicate with each other. You may be forced to evacuate your neighborhood or be confined to your home. Emergency services will be on the scene after a disaster, but in the immediate aftermath of an event, they will not be able to get help to everyone as quickly as needed.

This is when you are likely to be most vulnerable. This is why it's important to plan to look after yourself and your loved ones for at least three days or more in the event of a disaster. Planning ahead for the challenges you are likely to face in various scenarios--and taking action to be prepared--can help reduce the impact of the disaster event and help you get through.

Fairfield County Alerts 
Sign up for emergency alerts in Fairfield county

Make a Go-Kit
Resources to help create a go-kit for your home, car, or work

There are many ways to be involved within the community. Find volunteer opportunities here
Don't forget the 
Red Cross

Make a Plan 
Links to help you make a plan, assemble your go-kit, and learn about emergency preparedness

Find out more information about going to a shelter during an emergency or sheltering-in-place.  The Red Cross is the local shelter provider

Mercury Spills
Although you may have played with spilled mercury as a kid, the first rule on mercury spills is DO NOT HANDLE IT AT ALL

Stay Prepared at Work
Useful information if you work or own a business in the Violet Township area


Outdoor Warning System 
the sirens are tested every Wednesday at 12 noon.  If you do not hear a siren that you normally hear during these tests, please let us know as your feedback will help us ensure the system is operating properly.  Call the EMA office at 740-654-4357 or send an e-mail to siren@co.fairfield.oh.us