Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Do not place any hazardous materials in with garbage. Call the Fairfield County Recycling & Litter Prevention office at  740.681.4423 for disposal options, or see below.

Residents of Fairfield County may check out the listing of disposal sites 

Please spread the word that once paint is solidified, it is no longer harmful to the environment! When paint is hardened it can be placed in your normal trash disposal. Only when it is liquid does it pose a threat of contaminating soil and ground water. Paint can be hardened, and then disposed with regular trash. Products like sand, kitty litter, sawdust, or even a commercially available paint hardener can be used to speed up the process. Dry out latex paint in a well ventilated area by mixing it with kitty litter, paint hardener, etc. When the paint has dried, put the can in the regular garbage with the lid off. Do not put oil-based paint in the garbage.

Please remember that you can recycle motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries year-round. Click here for additional resources to dispose of these type of items. (Please call to confirm hours, acceptance policy, and other information.)

For a list of safer substitutes to hazardous household products please see the Guide to Non-Toxic Products Below

Guide to Non-Toxic Products

The following is a list of safer substitutes to hazardous household products. Generally, these substitutes can be bought in grocery stores.

 Toxic Product

 Non-Toxic Alternative

 Aerosol Spray

 Non-aerosol, pump-type spray

 Ant Control

 Cream of tartar or red chili pepper in their path

 Aphid Killer

 Soap and water spray

 Bathroom Cleaner

 Borax, vinegar, and water

 Bug Spray

 Screens on windows and doors

 Chemical (Synthetic) Fertilizers

 Slow release/organic fertilizer

 Copper Cleaners

 Pour vinegar and salt over copper and rub

 Deodorizers/Air Fresheners

 Simmer cinnamon and cloves

 Drain Openers

 Plunger or a plumber's snake

 Flea Repellant

 Use a flea comb on pet

 Floor Cleaner

 Vinegar and water

 Furniture Polish

 Olive and almond oil

 Glass and Window Cleaner

 Vinegar and water

 Laundry Detergent

 Liquid detergents or soaps with low or no phosphates

 Oil- or Solvent-Based Paint

 Water-based or latex paints

 Oven Cleaner

 Baking soda and water or automatic cleaner

 Rat Poison

 Mechanical-snap or non-snap traps

 Rug and Upholstery Cleaner

 Club soda for spills

 Scouring Powder

 Baking soda

 Snail/Slug Bait

 Surround plants with copper band barrier or beer traps

 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

 Borax or baking soda

 Weed Killer

 Hand pull, long handled weed puller, pour boiling water on them if between cracks in the sidewalk. Can use newer propane burning techniques