Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The Fairfield County Sheriff's Department provides law enforcement and protection for those portions of Violet Township that lie outside the corporation limits of Pickerington, Reynoldsburg and Canal Winchester. A "mutual aid" pact exists between the Sheriff's office and the local municipalities. This agreement allows local police officers to join with the Sheriff's deputies in responding to calls together.

Violet Township is divided into two patrol sectors, but a majority of the time there are two or more cars available in the area that are available for calls. The response time to a call in Violet Township is an average of less than ten minutes.

The Sheriff's office has their own support services, which include a full service investigation division, Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT), K-9 units, bicycle patrols, and a special investigation and surveillance unit for misdemeanor theft and vandalism cases. They are currently piloting and developing a community-policing program to further benefit all villages and townships.

The Sheriff's office offers an array of community service and crime prevention programs designed to help our citizens keep safe and help fight crime. These include checking on our homebound residents, vacation watch, crime prevention units, and citizens watch groups.

The Ohio Highway Patrol enforces traffic laws, investigates accidents, and operates special enforcement programs to reduce accidents, injuries and life-threatening violations on all roadways within Violet Township. Additionally, vehicle, bus, and commercial vehicle inspections are conducted within the Township to insure motorist safety. They have a post located within Fairfield County.

The cities of Pickerington and Reynoldsburg are protected by their respective police departments. The City of Canal Winchester is also protected by the Fairfield County Sheriff's Department through contracted services