Notice of Nuisance - 10043 Fairfax Drive



Pursuant to Section 505.87 of the Ohio Revised Code and Violet Township Resolution No. 2021-0707-02, the Violet Township Board of Trustees has given notice to the property owner(s) and lienholder(s) of record regarding the following property, that the Board of Trustees has declared this property to be a nuisance due to the overgrown and unmaintained vegetation on/at the property.  The Board of Trustees hereby orders the overgrown and unmaintained vegetation to be abated (removed) from the property within seven (7) days or the Board shall provide for its abatement (removal), and any costs incurred by the Board shall be entered upon the tax duplicate and become a lien upon the land from the date of entry.  Please contact Violet Township at (614) 575-5556 with any questions.

Property Location/Property Owner(s)/Lienholder(s):

Property: 10043 Fairfax Drive, Summerfield V, Lot 371, Parcel No. 0360229500, Violet Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Property Owner(s): Virginia Kuhlman, Trustee

Lienholder(s) of Record: Fairfield County Auditor; Fairfield County Treasurer.

Violet Township Board of Trustees

Vanessa Niekamp, Fiscal Officer