Building Department

To schedule an inspection, call 614.575.5559 or email

  • Inspection requests must be received by 2:00 pm to be placed on the schedule for the following business day. Any inspections received after that time will be scheduled for the next available inspection date.
  • Same-day cancellations should be received by 8:30 by calling 614.575.5556 to speak directly to our permitting staff. If you cancel an inspection and our inspector is already on site, you will incur a re-inspection charge.
  • It is our intent to perform inspections on the requested date. However, per RCO 109.1, the Building Department has three days to perform the inspection.

The certificate of plan approval, stamped plans, and permit/inspection card shall be posted on-site at all times during construction

Click here to see what information to provide when calling in inspections

Please call us in advance to assist with calculating your fees. 

Please provide the following information no matter how you contact us for an inspection: 

Requestor’s Name
Job Address
Full Permit Number (example, 22-555)
Type of Inspection – be specific – Above Ceiling, Underground and Rough -  need the type of inspection you are requesting to get the correct inspector to your site.
Onsite contact name if different than requestor
Onsite contact telephone number – make sure voicemail is set up and not full. Answer if we call or check voicemail. We cannot come back if you missed our call
If you want a call ahead, please state this.
If you need to add notes such as when concrete is being poured, where the permit and documents are located, etc, please also do so. Voicemail has a 2 minute max before it times out, so use your time wisely

The Violet Township Building Department is a State Certified Department in Residential and Commercial Classification. This allows the Township to better serve unincorporated area of our community.

The Building Department provides professional, plans review and inspection services utilizing full time review personnel and inspector along with contract inspectors as needed to address issues and process permits in a timely manner.

The Building Staff provides service to approximately 30 square miles of the unincorporated area of the Township. All of the Inspectors and Plans review individuals are State certified and maintain their certifications by attending state approved continuing education classes. The Staff remains on call to answer any questions that you may have at 614.575.5558.