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Request to Address the Board of Trustees, BZA or Zoning Commission

The Violet Township Board of Trustees welcomes public comment during most meetings and at public hearings. Generally, Board or Commission members do not respond to public comment during a meeting or hearing, however there are times when follow-up is required due to the nature of the comments. Where follow-up is needed, the Township Administrator will work with the Board or Commission to respond accordingly post-meeting.

Submission of forms: Forms may be submitted electronically by downloading, completing & emailing to
Speaker forms can be found at:

Speakers may also sign up in person at Board/Commission meetings or Public Hearings by submitting a ‘Request to Address the Board of Trustees, BZA, or Zoning Commission’ form to the Township Administrator or Chairperson before the meeting is called to order.

The Board/Commission provides time at the beginning of the meeting to address any Township related topics. The Board or Commission may allot up to thirty (30) minutes for public participation. Each requestor may be given up to three (3) minutes to address his/her issue(s).

Speakers may not speak more than once on a specific topic. Speakers who wish to comment on more than one topic must submit a separate request for each item. Speakers are called in the order in which they sign up. If a large number of speakers are expected on a particular topic, the Board/Commission may limit the total time for comment and/or reduce the time allotted for each speaker, which will be announced beforehand. Speakers are encouraged to prepare their remarks to fit within the 3-minute time limit.

Decorum: Speakers will present comments from the lectern/dais. The Board/Commission expects that each speaker will be courteous, modeling how one can respectfully disagree with others’ views. Speakers will address their comments to the entire Board/Commission and not to one individual Board/Commission member, elected official or guest, administrative staff member, other speakers, or members of the audience.

No member of the community will be denied the right to bring complaints forward, however, he/she will be referred to the proper administrative channels for solution before investigation or action. The Administrative staff will be given the opportunity to consider the issues and attempt to resolve the problem prior to involvement by the Board.

Thank you. We appreciate your participation and comments!